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Software packages for Enterprise Resource Planning, programs that support multiple business processes) are increasingly kept as ‘standard’ as possible. The business processes Japan Phone Number List are then further automated with various ‘best of kind’ software packages. Also for traditional industries, software packages are appearing with which the SaaS market moves to the next maturity phase. Also read: Marketing technology in 2022: Japan Phone Number List 5 innovative trends 4. Software development for collecting customer data over the internet The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) offers great opportunities to analyze the behavior of your (potential) customers and then respond to it. This trend, which stems from the Internet of

Things advance, is seen as a serious step towards fully personalized marketing (segment of one). YouTube, for example, Japan Phone Number List already uses this by suggesting videos based on your surfing behavior on the internet. Companies can use IoB to send customers even more specific personalized messages, based on their behavioral patterns. Think of an ad to promote a surf camp when someone has recently listened to surf playlists. Or a push message to promote the healthy meal from the lunch Japan Phone Number List place around the corner, after your Fitbit has registered a workout. Future music? That will depend on which privacy users want to give up.

The automated collection and analysis of customer behavior is in any case going to take off. Gartner even predicts that Japan Phone Number List within the foreseeable future (2023!) the activities of no less than 40% of the world’s population will be digitally tracked and analyzed (Source: CIS). 5. Online products & services: SMEs are embracing new revenue models Working from home has become the new normal and the mindset of entrepreneurs has also changed. More and more companies see their industry Japan Phone Number List digitize and decide to release an online product or service themselves. Just think of the yoga studio that now also offers its classes online, the language training where you Japan Phone Number List largely receive lessons remotely or the horde of subject experts.

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